Shamsa Mohamed is a marketing and communications strategist specialising in fostering the growth of tech startups across Africa. In her role as the Communications and Community Manager at Madica, she focuses on enhancing business visibility and providing vital support to startups from Pre-Seed to Series A funding stages. Shamsa's approach revolves around storytelling and empowering founders with strategic tools, resources, and insights crucial for navigating and thriving in competitive markets.

Previously, Shamsa was a Venture Partner and Accelerator Manager at the Baobab Network, where she guided 50 startups across 15 countries and 14 sectors. Her expertise in portfolio support, storytelling, and go-to-market strategies significantly boosted customer acquisition and secured critical follow-on funding. At Africa’s Talking, she led pivotal initiatives that supported a developer community of 50,000, enhancing their capacity to build and scale solutions continent-wide. She spearheaded the creation of tailored campaigns for the 18 markets they operated in, significantly enhancing market-specific engagement and outcomes. Shamsa also provided in-depth consultancy to their entrepreneur-in-residence program to15 startups, enhancing their market strategies and performance metrics.

With a BA in Journalism and Public Relations, she draws upon her extensive experience in the media industry, where she played a pivotal role in enhancing the online presence and revenue of 30 media brands. Through this journey, she honed her skills in storytelling and digital strategy, providing her with a unique blend of creative and analytical expertise that is invaluable in the tech startup ecosystem.