Access world-class venture building support
Madica is a 12-18 month structured investment program for African startups - especially those that receive a disproportionately small share of venture funding, such as those led by women or by local founders or those that operate outside well-established tech hubs.

We will invest up to $200,000 in participating companies at the beginning of their journey so they can hire the right team and focus on building the business. We will complement this with programmatic support including access to hands-on mentorship by exceptional founders and operators, training and coaching on company building by industry specialists, and targeted interactions with prospective investors to ensure that the continuum of later-stage capital is available as companies grow. 

Applications to the program are open all year round and startups can apply to join whenever they are ready.
We will invest up to $200,000 in exchange for equity ownership in participating companies
Madica founders will join a thriving community founded on the principles of mutual trust, unconditional support and results-oriented collaboration. Successful Madica founders will rely on fellow founders, the Madica team, and the broader Flourish Ventures community to help overcome personal and professional obstacles. Additionally, founders will have access to a world-class panel of mentors, executive coaches, and subject-matter experts to get hands-on support.
Madica participants will receive exclusive invites to attend highly personalized workshops designed to impart foundational skills for scaling their ventures. Founders can also engage in up to four, week-long immersion trips throughout their time in the program. Each trip provides an opportunity to spend quality time with mentors, peers, global investors, and key ecosystem stakeholders.
After completing the program, Madica companies will be introduced to specially selected investors and accelerator programs that can help them take the next leap forward
Madica offers curated tools, training and credits such as AWS, Carta and Salesforce to make starting-up a little easier.
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Peer mentorship and workshops

Peer mentorship: Madica companies take turns to share updates/issues towards their major priorities and receive feedback from their peers

Workshops: Deep-dives into specific functional areas relevant to startup growthInspirational chats: Virtual fireside chats with successful entrepreneurs/operators within the region and globally that can share insights relevant to the growth stage of Madica companies. Some of these events can be opened to the public depending on speaker profile and marketing objectives.

Time commitment
5 hours per month
Bi-weekly (every other week)
Office hours with the Madica/flourish team

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Time commitment
Founders schedule as needed
Founders schedule as needed
Who is Madica For?
Madica will inspire and empower mission-driven founders with access to world-class support, resources, networks and mentorship throughout their start-up journeys
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We seek local founders with diverse teams from across the continent



We seek ventures with at least a minimum viable product, ideally with the first few paying customers and those that haven’t yet raised significant institutional capital



We invite founders from all sectors including frontier sectors (e.g. Web3, AI)

Get access to world-class tools for your startup growth
We've curated a suite of tools and credits for Madica companies, to make building a little easier
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What is Madica’s relationship with Flourish Ventures?
Madica was spun out of, and is an affiliate of, Flourish Ventures an early stage global venture capital firm that backs entrepreneurs whose innovations advance financial health and prosperity for individuals and small businesses.
What exactly do the immersion trips entail, and are they fully funded?
Participants can join in up to 3, week-long immersion trips throughout the program. Each trip is designed around specific themes and is designed for face-to-face meetings with mentors and peers and networking with global investors and key ecosystem stakeholders. During the program, cohorts will be informed about the destinations, frequency and commitment required for these trips, which Madica will organise and fund.
Will you join the Board of the startups you invest in?
No. Madica has no primary intentions of joining the boards of startups or making follow-on investments. We want to give you the tools to succeed, but do not want to micromanage your day-to-day growth strategy.
How much Equity does Madica get from startups it invests in?
Madica aims to be founder-friendly and will make use of Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFES) (or similar) with a variable valuation cap for investments into successful startups.
What is the background of the mentors?
The Madica mentors are highly successful founders of African startups or have experienced remarkable growth journeys with significant functional experience across legal, business development, tech, marketing, and more. They were selected to provide continuous hands-on guidance that goes beyond one-off advice.
How does mentorship work?
Successful startups in the program will develop a plan for the duration of the program, highlighting their top three priorities. Based on this, a lead mentor will be assigned to each start-up, and founders and the mentors can request specific support areas and concerns. To prevent conflict of interest, mentors must also declare existing investments.
Can I email periodic updates if my startup didn’t make a successful application?
Yes, we’d always love to hear about your progress; you can always drop us a line at If your application has been unsuccessful, we encourage you to reapply at any time you feel you are in a better position to advance. We also advise that you make good use of the feedback provided from your initial application by addressing all concerns before putting in a new application.
As a Madica portfolio company, what are Madica’s expectations of us and do we have to participate in the mentorship and immersion trips?
Madica is focused on helping startups achieve their set objectives over a 12 -18-month period and is structured in a convenient way to ensure the right balance is struck. Founders have ample time to focus on executing their day-to-day tasks. Most of the workshops will be virtual, with in-person components taking place once every couple of months. Overall, founders can expect to commit 20 hours a month (5 hours a week) to the Madica curriculum.
What does the Madica program entail?
The investment program is a 12–18-month customised program with: Access to world-class mentors with vast knowledge and experience in starting and/or growing companies on the African continent. Executive coaches to support founders. Peer-to-peer learning among founders. Immersion trips to regional and global ecosystems. Access to global networks and investors. Access to world-class tools to accelerate your startup.
If my application is successful, when will Madica complete its investment?
Subject to completion of satisfactory legal and financial due diligence and acceptance to the Madica program, Madica will invest in admitted start-ups at the start of the program.
How many months after the initial application to the program can we re-apply?
If your application has been unsuccessful, we encourage you to reapply at any time you feel you are in a better position to advance. We also advise that you make good use of the feedback provided from your initial application by addressing all concerns before putting in a new application.
Do all applications receive a response?
Applicants will be notified of the status of their application at every stage of the screening process. However, those who do not make it to the second stage can request feedback on the reasons behind an unsuccessful application.
When will I get feedback on my application?
Once you've applied to Madica, the first screening stage typically takes a week, barring any backlogs. If successful, you will be invited to a second stage where the Madica team will liaise with you personally to learn more about your team, business, solution, and the space you operate in. Subsequently, Madica will undergo a thorough due diligence process, including a data room review and correspondence with some of your customers and partners. This will take an average of eight weeks, after which you will be informed about the outcome of your application.
What is the investment ticket size Madica invests in startups?
Madica invests up to $200,000 in African pre-seed startups. The exact amount is determined on a case-by-case basis.
What sectors does Madica invest in?
Madica is sector agnostic. We invest in tech companies across various industries.
Is there a deadline for applications to the Madica Investment program?
No, there is no deadline for applications. Madica reviews all applications on a rolling basis.
How do I apply for investment in Madica?
To make your application, click here and respond to the questionnaire. We have made the questions simple to respond to.
What do you look for in the startups you invest in?
To be eligible for the program, mission-driven start-ups must have the following: Minimum viable product (MVP) with the traction of some paying customers; Founder(s) who are engaged full-time; and Startups have received little or no institutional funding and are based in Africa. Madica, being a pre-seed investment program, will prioritise founders who will not be raising funds during the program and those with whom a $200,000 investment will significantly impact achieving their goals within the next 12 to 18 months.
What is Madica
Madica is a structured investment program for pre-seed-stage companies in Africa. The program runs for 12- 18 months with an investment of up to $200,000.