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Kola Market
“Madica's investment in Kola Market enabled us to secure key customers and suppliers at a critical time and establish the team necessary to accelerate our growth. From the 18 month structured program, immersion programs to practical hands-on support, the team is really there with you through thick and thin.”
Marie-Reine Seshie
Founder & CEO, Kola Market
“My interaction with the Madica team from inception through the due diligence process to post-investment support has been nothing but a rewarding experience, which enabled us to re-examine a number of areas in our business that we had not imagined before. The post-investment engagements have been enriching; from monthly ‘all hands' to inspire our team, to well-structured leadership development immersion sessions that have been instrumental in enriching our high-performing culture.”
Peter Ndiang’ui
Co-Founder & CEO, GoBEBA
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What is Madica

Madica is a structured investment program for pre-seed-stage companies in Africa. The program runs for 18 months for each company with an investment of up to $200,000.

What is the vision behind Madica?

Madica aims to address the structural gaps undermining innovation and entrepreneurship across Africa. By empowering mission-driven founders with access to capital, mentorship, and resources, Madica seeks to change the narrative around African startups, lowering risk perception, attracting more capital, and inspiring more founders.

What does the Madica program entail?

We provide our founders with 18 months of structured support through world-class mentorship, executive coaching, peer-to-peer learning, immersion trips, access to global networks and investors, and tools to supercharge their startup’s growth.

Do you have a cohort program?

No, Madica does not operate a cohort-based program. Our approach is tailored to the unique needs and timelines of each startup we invest in, allowing for a more flexible and personalized engagement. This ensures that founders receive the specific support and resources they need to propel their business forward at the right time.

What do you look for in the startups you invest in?

Startups must have an MVP with ideally some paying customers, have raised little or no institutional funding, be operating in Africa, and be led by local founders who are engaged full-time. Madica prioritizes founders who will not be raising funds during the program and for whom a $200,000 investment will significantly impact their goals.

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