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GoBEBA, co-founded by Lesley Mbogo and Peter Ndiang’ui, is building trust and efficiency in Africa’s utility distribution supply chain, focusing on un-piped utilities such as water and cooking energy. Through an e-commerce platform and other technologies, GoBEBA provides seamless access to these essential utilities, simulating an experience similar to a piped one so that African families may have the same quality of life as those with piped utilities.

Catering primarily to the growing middle-class families and small business owners in rapidly expanding urban and semi-urban areas, GoBEBA leverages a micro-warehouse network to ensure the safe, reliable, and effortless distribution of cooking energy and drinking water. By addressing common challenges such as the physical exertion of transporting bulky items, fluctuating prices, and the unpredictability of quality assurance, GoBEBA offers a seamless solution that combines convenience, safety, and reliability.

With features like real-time ordering through the GoBEBA app, direct delivery from strategically located dark stores, and sustainable reverse logistics for refillable containers, GoBEBA promises and delivers convenience, time savings, and cost-effectiveness. This focus on addressing specific pain points, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and quality assurance, positions GoBEBA as a forward-thinking leader in the Kenyan market, making buying and managing bulky essential utilities safe and effortless for its customers.