Kola Market
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Kola Market, founded by Marie-Reine Seshie, is redefining the B2B e-commerce and services landscape for SMEs in Ghana and beyond. With its innovative web and mobile app-based marketplace and solutions, Kola Market addresses the critical challenges faced by wholesalers, retailers, and distributors in the FMCG sector, including inventory management, sales enhancement, and access to financing.

The platform uses advanced data science methods to offer a suite of solutions such as sales-as-a-service, intelligent inventory management, and tailored financing options, all designed to ensure businesses survive and thrive. Kola Market empowers SMEs by facilitating sales, providing actionable insights for stock optimisation, and unlocking new channels for customer engagement through its comprehensive marketplace. Kola Market is committed to boosting SME growth, growing profitability, and enhancing operational efficiency by earning commissions on facilitated sales and offering working capital support.

Through its dedication to innovation and sustainable development, Kola Market envisions becoming the best technology-enablement platform for small businesses. In a market where access to tailored resources and visibility can and does define the success of an SME, Kola Market stands out as a beacon of hope and a partner for growth well into the future.